Sunday, March 07, 2010

Week 3: Sunday.
This was the day I thought yesterday was going to be.
After church, i went to the railway station to have some photos taken in a photobooth.
To get my bus pass.
It never ceases to astonish me, now, that when I have a photo taken I like and recognise the face I see.
Which I never used to be able to do.
And then back home, I assemble all I need for the form, and finally fill in the Gender Recognition form and assemble all the bits it needs...
Fire off letters to the artistic directors I know in Scotland and England to see if they'll come to see EVERY ONE...
and that is something else I never used to be able to do.
And then it's the ironing.
EVERY ONE is rather full of ironing. Partly in response to all the ironing in that horrible LOOK BACK IN ANGER...
Oh, my, wasn't that play AWFUL?! I don't know if it was just bad productions I've been to. But the worst and funniest thing about the three I've seen was that in spite of the era and setting of the ironing scenes, the director tried to put as many fashionable and incongruous sexy underwear items on the ironing pile as he could get away with!!! And I can't remember anything about the play now. Taste of Honey has the same effect on me.
I had a lovely afternoon walking the dog at Cramond with Sebastian. We went across to the Island. The last time I did that I got caught by the tide and it was a very scarey wade back to shore. My legs nearly gave in halfway over because the sea came above my knees. Then I quite enjoyed it because at least the sea was warm and there was nothing I could do about it except keep going. goodnight, Jo dear. Jenny x
Don't worry about them... In fact life is ironic....
About the play, it's quit normal you feel like that, cos' I realise no one in my classroom knew Florbela..OK! I'm exaggerating was few people that knew her like 4... And it's quit chocking cos' some are older them me and Florbela it's like a icon from our literature ( I think ).. And my mum knew her , and I had to read her poetry in school.. so I almost bit them, cos' they are so ignorant (not only with Florbela)... I think you may know that feeling..
And when I knew that a English person wrote about her, was kinda sad but also I felt proud of Florbela. unfortunately only once your play was played in Portugal a long time ago.. maybe that's why you feel like that.. and it's sad cos' it's a really good work , and I'm not saying it just because you wrote that I really think that!!!
Well I'll leave you ..
I'm wishing you a happy women's day..
And tks a lot for wasting a little time with me..
Kiss kiss*
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