Saturday, March 06, 2010

Week 3: Saturday

Today was the quiet day I have been longing for all week.
The day to get the jobs done that need doing, but which there hasn't been time for.
The day to be quiet and enjoy the world.

Of course, it didn't quite work out like that.
All the tiredness I have been suppressing rose to the surface.
And I found myself missing the person I love.

My mother-in-law gave me gingerbread today. It's a new cake every Saturday. It is important I evaluate it.

I praised it, as it deserved. The recipe was from Women's Weekly, and she remembered a time when she gave it to Granny Morphew. A formidable and scarey lady: who said it was the best gingerbread she had ever tasted.

And that was sixty years ago.

Then in the afternoon I found myself being interviewed down the phone by a Blogger from in preparation for the Amnesty event I am speaking at on thursday.
.. and which for some reason I find impossible to visualise.

I am speaking in public at some event or another every night this coming week; and I can see them in my mind's eye very clearly.
But not tis one.
Perhaps because it is in London: and London is such a foreign country.


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