Monday, March 01, 2010

Monday night.
First thing: check proofs of EVERY ONE for Nick Hern Books, the publisher. Compile and send brief biog.
Second thing: Queue in post office to post said proofs to arrive tomorrow.
Third thing: Arrive at rehearsals. Spend lunch break starting to write programme note for Lyceum production.
Fourth thing: In rehearsals. Reluctantly face the fact that a rewrite I wrote of a speech in act one that was causing trouble has still not solved problem.
Fifth thing: Spend tea break rewriting the rewrite.
Sixth thing: pray rewritten rewrite will work better. It may do: but the jury is out.
Seventh thing: brief supper.
Eighth: rest flat out on church floor.
Ninth: set up for LEAVE TO REMAIN.
Tenth: perform LEAVE TO REMAIN in church. (Weirdly: this may be one of the best performances so far)
Eleventh: Co lead the discussion afterwards.
Twelfth: Put the chairs back in the Lady Chapel.
Thirteenth: Drink a dubious cocktail called Weeping Figs with the others to celebrate.We did a box office split with the church: 60% to us, 40% to them.
Which probably means that most of what I earned got spent on the cocktail. And then the taxi home.
But I am glad we did it.
And proud. Proud of what we have done.


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