Sunday, March 28, 2010

The best bit today was church.
(Actually no, now I come to think about it, the best bit was something else. But 'll keep that away from prying eyes)
This bit was really good though:
going to church at the service with formally welcomed our Metropolitan Community Church into the Augustine United Church, and our lovely minister, Maxwell Reay, as associate pastor, or something official, and the head of the United Reformed Church was there, and no end of visitors from all the other local churches, and from farther afield...
A mainstream church, a "straight" church, utterly embracing all we have stood for in terms of inclusivity and acceptance and love open to all.
Of whatever gender or sexuality.
It moved me profoundly: and reminded me, again, that those poor self-hating souls that denounced me as a "pervert" outside JESUS QUEEN OF HEAVEN (and that includes the Catholic Archbishop of Glasgow) are now a sad minority caught up a squalid blind alley.
I felt that, at least for this crucially important while, that the tide of history is flowing our way.
Which makes a welcome change.


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