Friday, February 19, 2010

Rehearsals day five:
As it happens, i was away from reharsals today, at least physcally, although they live on somewhere in my mind. The cast are very gifted, I am very fond of them, and so fond of Mark Thomson, the director, too, and it's as if i visit the rehearsal room in my mind, from time to time, just to wish them well.
Today i was in Glasgow, working on another project.
On the way there I finally plucked up the courage to buy Woman magazine, Confessions of a Sex Swap Dad, it said on the cover, next to two pictures of myself... inside, mercifully it was much better. Most of the two page spread was taken up with an interview with Katie, as if told in the first person, and I felt what she had to say was immensely valuable.
And then on the way i was thinking of the work I did yesterday with my dear friends Suzanne Dance, Rachel Amey and Clunie McKenzie, on our bereavement show, LEAVE TO REMAIN, which we are presenting shortly, and our suffragette show, CHRYSTAL AND THE GENERAL, which we are trying to market.
And reading an old script, THE TREE OF LIFE, which has never been performed, and which I now intend to bring to the light of day.
I was due to meet Susan Worsfold, the director and voice coach, and the actor David Walshe at the Tron. We did some body work in a gallery round the corner, and ate and talked and started to rehearse the first scene of a show we are developing together for Oran Mor, which still has no title.
And I met a lovely actor whose show is opening at the Tron tonight, and he said he had heard from someone who had been at the EVERY ONE read through on Monday that it was the most moving and emotional read through they had ever attended...
.. and we were thinking about JESUS QUEEN OF HEAVEN also...
We ended up working from 12.30 to 6.30 without really noticing the time passing.
So much was created...
I feel there is so much within me I wish to communicate and give.
And feel so blessed with the collaborators I have found to help me do this.


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