Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rehearsals day 6...
As I went to buy a paper in the shop this morning, Jimmy, the shopkeeper seemed preoccupied.
On the street opposite there were a group of men hanging about in a way that seemed threatening, somehow.
And further down the street two police people watching them.
I had coffee with my mother-in-law, as I do on a Saturday, and then went home to get ready to go. (Today I had an appointment in Glasgow).
As i walked along the street to the station, there was an explosion of vans full of riot police driving along at top speed.
I remembered today there was to be a demonstration by racists against the presence of Muslims in British life; and a counter demonstration by anti fascist groups.
After going home tonight I discovered a massive police presence just beside my house had prevented a confrontation between the two groups.
The station was full of police, as I left, and as I returned.
A picket outside the station, too: guards protesting against the planned introduction of guard-less trains on the new Edinburgh-Glasgow route.
I left with a sense of foreboding: wondering how long this amazing peacefulness within my section of the country can last.
Ended up in a storytelling centre behind a massive steel gate, in a little industrial estate in a hugely deprived area of Glasgow, which felt quite dangerous to me as i walked through it.
I am due to take part in a project called "Love out of Bounds", whose participants are encouraged to tell their stories of love which transcends taboos.
As last Wednesday in the trans writing group, I came away awed and amazed by the incredible wealth of story any group of people seems to contain.
And which i have tried to encapsulate also in my play: which even now, I imagine, the actots are beginning to learn.


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