Saturday, February 27, 2010

... and I forget what day this is.
Saturday, yes, and maybe about a fortnight into the Every One rehearsals that I have largely been absent from since Wednesday.
Thursday... I was rehearsing a different project altogether. "Leave To Remain" that we are performing tomorrow (Sunday) and Monday at St. John's church.
The last time we did it we played to an audience of four in the Lady Chapel.
This time we have tried, who knows with what success, to publicise the event a little bit more.

And Suzanne, who I write and perform with, insisted with wonderful ooptimism we rehearse in the main body of the church.
Which is enormous. And so powerful, if you figure out how to use it.
And immensely enjoyable to explore.

And then in the afternoon i was off to Dundee. Lovely meeting with the lovely man who runs Dundee Rep.; and then in the evening I was performing for the LGBT Soc at Dundee university in honour of LGBT History Month.
i read two wonderful pieces of writing from two very talented writers of the trans writers group _ Amy Redford and Kristi Taylor.
And an extract from "Jesus Queen of Heaven".

The train was late in the wild night; I got home after midnight; I broke my habit of writing this blog daily.

Friday... a massage in the morning. I wept deeply, bitterly.

"Leave to remain" again in the afternoon, and then a quick hour with "Every One" at the Lyceum. They were doing the last scene. That made me cry too. I had to sit to one side to try to avoid distracting the actors.

And today... sweet consideration shown me by the man who runs the local shop. The coffee with my mother-in-law. Then a restless sleep before heading up the road to the Carlton hotel to perform about 30 minutes of "Jesus Queen of Heaven" for a group of European trans-activists.

I felt pleased because i managed to do it off the book. I think it went well.


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