Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I went back to the Biodanza class today.
It's been a while. i was very moved to be returning.
Since i was last consistently involved, my Jesus, Queen of Heaven has exposed me to so much hatred... and so much support, so much passionate debate - I get about 346,000 hits when I google the title these days - and it's a strange, quite a lonely feeling.
Without my family and my firends and my lover I am not sure i could have sustained it.
And then now, as I do the final script preparations for Every OneI realise this is a job, also, that only I can do. Even with all the collective energy going into the play that will increase in intensity as the rehearsals begin.
Strangely, too, in the last few days, as I clear out my bookshelves, I have been coming across the diaries i kept during my illness and have been reliving all those times when I was in the most intense suffering. And alone.
So there was something very wonderful about holding hands, dancing in the circle... looking into everyone's eyes.
And feeling part of that worldlwide group again.
I still search for this.
Which must be why I called the play, "Every One"
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