Thursday, January 21, 2010

I saw the set model for Every One at the Lyceum today. It was beautiful.
I was profoundly moved by it, and by the sensitive intelligence of the designer.
There were a lot of people there: the carpenters and the lighting designer, the composer, the sound designer, the choreographer, satge management, production manager, the costume people...
It was one of those moments when I was profoundly moved and excited by the whole busines of working in the theatre, the collectivity of the whole process...
Aware too of an immense responsibility as the writer, the person who came up with the script that is inspiring all these people and bringing out their best thinking and best skills.
It is such a joy.
I had the same feeling last week, in the three days in the studio working on the recording of my new radio play, La princesse de Cleves.
The joy of seeing words coming to life off the page... of my sensitivity and skills being so immeasurably enriched by the sensitivity and skills of everyone else...
I feel a blesed and fortunate person.


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