Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Jesus, Queen of Heaven

“And don’t tell me
There were no shepherds. Or that there were no flocks.
Because they all went years ago when they built the city by-pass.
Or that it wasn’t a manger. But a plastic box in a run-down maternity ward. Without enough midwives.
Or there were no wise men,
Maybe just your dad, and him a bit pissed maybe, being so nervous.
Think poetically.
Because what I tell you is true.
The whole truth and nothing but
Because, Beloved sisters and brothers and every kind of sibling in Christ,
Because I am the truth.
And I am also the way and the life and a million other things besides.
And the angels were there at your birth
And there was rejoicing and great gladness
And wise men did come with the most beautiful gifts.
And the angels just so delightfully framing the sky....”
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