Tuesday, December 01, 2009

1st december
I read yesterday that catholic and evangelical church groups are using the senate discussions about Obama's health bill to try to limit women's right to abortions.
It is utterly disgusting that church groups, instead of seizing this as an opportunity to make the US a more compassionate society, are using it instead as a chance to pursue their misogynist life hating obsessions.

They rant and whine about people like myself marginalising and ridiculing Christian values. But the damage they are doing themselves...

It's like a massive capital of authority and moral energy they are squandering.

Yesterday was St Andrews day: an old church holiday that still, in spite of everything, matters.

The postie was looking very splendid in a kilt. I have never seen such a thing before. He was a bit self-conscious about it, and didn't really respond to my complimenting on it (to judge from his voice he is by upbringing English).
But there were rather a lot of men in kilts, and the whole city had a vaguely festive air. Massive fireworks last night.

And in the day there were young men singing on the tops of trees.


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