Monday, November 02, 2009

2nd november.. and a message from the theatre at lunchtime to say that some poor self-hating souls are planning a demonstration outside the theatre tomorrow night.
i was frightened for a while; and then the Daily Mail called me.
This paper has been running a vile homophobic campaign and I knew theoretically I should have challenged the man about it, or maybe put the phone down... but he was pleasant enough and, as ever, i found myself unable to resist a conversation.
Probably to my disadvantage; after I put the phone down i made a resolution to really learn how to handle the press.
And as i was talking to him i suddenly felt so sickened by the whole affair and so disinclined to be involved any more...
but then i ran through the script in my head and as ever it strengthened me.
This was reinforced wheen I got to the theatre today.
The space is beautiful and I feel absolutely at home in it.
I have the strongest feeling that all will be well...


Out of interest, would you ever consider doing a similar play on the Islamic prophet Mohammed? It's all very well mocking Christianity but in many ways it has been mocked so relentlessly already anything new is just boring.

However, with Islam, as you will well know, mockery of that religion will be pushing the boundaries and getting a message across. Indeed, that is of vital importance especially to a religion that sees homosexuals and transsexuals like yourself in a light much darker than Christians ever have.
Now that you've done that tiresomely sanctimonious ladyboy Jew, Jesus, how about a play starring that Arab arsebandit (tautologically speaking) Mohammed?

No? I didn't think so you cowardly, twisted piece of anthropoid garbage. You are a talentless pervert, a dullard deviant and your disgusting posturing deserves a terminal case of AIDS. In a sensible Scotland your sort would be sent to Gruinard Island with the hope that any residual anthrax would effect a permanent cure.
Was stunned by the attitude of these "campaigners" when I read the article on the BBC news website. Shame they have nothing better to do, eh?

Delighted to read about the play - pity I can't get to see it owing to work committments this week.
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