Sunday, November 01, 2009

1st november.
Somehow I wandered into one of these discussion groups last night where they were, or had been,discussing JESUS QUEEN OF HEAVEN.

Someone had just done a new post: to say he had seen the play. That it was dull and that I had no talent whatsoever. Don't go and see it, he advised his readers. Don't waste your time.

He sounded so authoritative i would have been half tempted to believe him if I didn't know in the most absolute way imaginable that he is lying. Because the show doesn't open till Tuesday. So no-one has seen it.

We have experienced it, the three of us: me, Adam the composer, and Rachael the director, in the empty cold Roxy art house where we've been rehearsing, and it's been a good feeling: exploring and creating the piece together.

It was silly of me to go to that bulletin board and be left wondering why on earth someone should choose to lie like that. What's in for them? Or wonder how much of the content of the web, and the media in general, is composed of such misinformation and blatant lies. Or how much of it is believed.

Better to focus on the joy of creating: and the huge leap into the dark we're about to undertake.


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