Saturday, November 14, 2009

14th November, and I was at a conference this morning called "Changing Hearts, Opening Minds" organised by the Equality Network.
I was due to speak on a panel to do with the arts. The chairperson began by asking us about a work of art that we had experienced and that we felt had been life-changing.
The others all spoke in a very beautiful and moving way about films they had seen, mostly, which had helped them discover and celebrate their gay identities.
When it came to my turn I realised I had not had a similar experience as a transsexual.
I had seen pantomime dames - where I learnt I was actually ridiculous.
Or I had occasionally seen a thriller (like "Psycho") where, to convey the idea that the villain was unspeakably and appallingly perverted and sick, they had put him in a dress.
And that was it.
Which made me understand something really important about what i am trying to do.

And perhaps, too, helps me understand why I should end up feeling so exposed as I try to do it.


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