Tuesday, July 07, 2009

When i was teenager, I used sometimes to try to console my desperate loneliness by imagining that one day I would meet a group of women friends who would accept me as their friend. They would lend me their best dresses to wear, and we would all be really close friends together.

I don't think the fantasy lasted very long because I rejected it as being too absurd to ever come true.
But now it has, often. When i was in france the other weekend my lovely companion lent me one of her dresses so we could go out together.

It was a beautiful dress and I was so touched by her gesture.
So I'm struck by the melancholy in this photo: I wish i could have looked a bit happier. At least to show more appreciation to my lovely friend.

Perhaps Wilde was right when he said it was a great misfortune when dreams came true... But I think not. It's just that sometimes these moments of happiness bring up memories of long repressed sadness.

And set them free, hopefully, so they trouble us no more.


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