Monday, June 08, 2009

One of the things we seem to be discovering through LEAVE TO REMAIN is that we have discovered a form that can be used to look at, and maybe heal, a whole variety of different forms of suffering.
We're thinking of bullying. Which is universal in our society. Everyone has suffered: whether as a victim, a perpetrator, or a complicit spectator.
I've been watching the news of a so-called "make or break' confrontation between Gordon Brown and his backbench MPs.
It's clear that the leadership used a combination of rule-bending and bullying to ensure that nothing important was said at the meeting; that the majority of participants were cowed into silence.
I remember so many meetings like this at my university. And the feeling of frightened helplessness that goes with them.
The way in which everyone loses: those at the top of the heap, and those below them.
Managements everywhere employ these techniques - perhaps they always have - and they are leading us to ruin.
The labour party is now in such a state that its leadership is totally ineffective: and so are those seeking to change it.
It's like a nightmare everyone is caught up in: of chaos, of malfunction, of fear.
That no-one seems able to change.
It was exactly the same in the Drama School at Queen Margaret: and in fact the only way i could begin to reflect upon it was to leave.Which was partly because I had begun to value myself enough to understand I deserved better.


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