Monday, April 27, 2009

27th April

Watching a documentary on the tv tonight about the collapse of the banking system.

There were the ad breaks, as usual, and in the adbreaks the usual commercials for cars. As if nothing had happened.

As if the financial crisis hadn't happened, and it still made perfect sense to for people to buy new cars.

As if the ecological crisis wasn't happening, and it still made perfect sense to drive them.

It's a time where all the delusions that govern this world seem more apparent than ever: and the lies that sustain them even more paper thin.

And all the time the bodies are piling up in Mexico city, and that huge city of 20 million souls is in a state of uncanny stillness.

And I too, I continue to act as if nothing had happened. Business as usual. I carry on. I prepare for rehearsals of LEAVE TO REMAIN, I send out the emails to give the show publicity, because I really don't know what else it's appropriate to do.

I pray. Aware that perhaps a show that deals with bereavement may become all too apposite.


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