Sunday, April 26, 2009

26th April
I went out to the bank machine early yesterday evening.
I was rehearsing a speech in my head: ne I had to give later that evening.
I heard a voice say "Excuse me" very urgently, almost aggressively, and when I looked up I met the eyes of a guy standing with his mates outside the pub door for a smoke.
Having that discontented look such men have.
And he said:
"You're a bloke".
Much less aggressively after my eyes met his. Almost reproachfully.
Well the truth is I'm not, and I was trying to think of a way of saying so in a way he would understand.
Then suddenly I couldn't be bothered.
I shrugged my shoulders instead. Still looking him in the eyes, and with a coolness that amazed me, I said:
"Who cares?"
And slowly walked away.
And it's true what i said, which is maybe I guess why he couldn't think of a reply.
Because it won't matter soon. Not even tom people like him.
It won't be an issue to him, just as it is not an issue now to the huge majority of people I deal with.

Unless, of course, things go most terribly wrong...
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