Tuesday, January 20, 2009

20th January 2009

I bought a new computer, and turned it on for the first time today.

It's always a little strange, leaving the familiar and cranky world of the old computer and entering the gleaming new one.

This one is so incredibly elegant I have had to re-position my desk and tidy it.

And soon after it turned on, it suddenly decided it needed my photo so I could lay claim to it. I hadn't quite taken on board the fact that it has a camera attached to the front of it, which it must do because all of a sudden this image of a tired and touself and so untidy a person appeared most alarmingly on my screen.

I felt very unworthy, and went downstairs to brush my teeth and and my hair and put on my make-up in order to be worthy of making my mark on this machine.

Mr. Jobs has begun to change my life already.

What next, I wonder...


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