Sunday, November 30, 2008

30th November 2008

We'll all haunted just now by images of what happened in Mumbai.
What haunts me more is the imagining of the lives of the young men who did this.
Who planned it, trained and prepared themselves for it, and then went ahead and did it: killed people at random out of a rage-filled, despair-filled desire for suffering, death and destruction.
I try to imagine what drove them to do it.
I can't help but connect it with other events this week. The so-called epidemic of violent death in Latin America. A report in the Sunday Herald

talks of an Accident and Emergency unit in a hospital in Rio that tread 967 victims of gunshot wounds in 2007.
A report in today's Guardian records the huge increase in so-called 'honour' killings in Basra. To call them 'honour' killings is a euphemism: these are murders of women who have attempted to escape male domination. Even in ways we would consider trivial:

It's a list one could compile endlessly: of an atrocious crisis in masculinity.


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