Friday, November 28, 2008

28th November 2008

I showed the film of "God's New Frock" at the LGBT Health Centre Film club tonight.
It came after a short film about a gay football team in Edinburgh; and before two short films about the assassination of LGBT people in Iraq.
And I left before the showing of a feature length comedy about an Indian lesbian agreeing to be a surrogate mother for her sister...
A slightly weird context then..
But there were lots of people there.
I hadn't seen GODS NEW FROCK for years. I felt uncharacteristically defensive introducing it.
But I needn't have.
It's a film to be proud of.
However, after watching the documentaries about Iraq (and the killing is justified because of the male monotheistic theology we look at, and condemn, in our film) I came away feeling frightened.
In a way i have not felt for ages.
It's such a paradox: 'telling it like it is' in an honest way, and with the best intentions, can still disempower.
I am left struggling with the question of how to be honest - in our tiny oasis of relative safety - and how to empower.


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