Monday, November 24, 2008

24th November 2008

Last Thursday was Transgender Remembrance Day, and I was organising a Vigil in Glasgow LGBT Centre.
I wrote the script around the work of my Trans-Gressive Writing Group, and they performed their own work.
It was immensely moving: I felt intensely proud of them.
We read out the names, each taking a turn with the name, and each lighting a candle as we did so. We fumbled, and hesitated, and it slowed the whole thing down in a way that deepened its resonance and dignity.
And then on Saturday I was involved in the Vigil organised by the MCC. I read out some names, and a beautiful story about a young trans woman running away from home written by one of my group members.

And this time I felt incredibly proud for myself, somehow: looking back to the years of the most intense struggle against the profoundest fear and shame to enable me to get to that place where I can openly identify myself and participate in our struggle.

And that seems to me worth celebrating.


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