Friday, October 10, 2008

10 October 2008

I saw an extraordinary sight on the television news today.

An equity fund manager, one of the apostle of unequity, grotesque greed and injustice who has been making our lives a misery, saying that the only future for the world economy was for banks to be nationalised. More than that: internationalised.

This coming from one of the men who have been preaching for us for years about the need for ‘light touch’ government regulations of markets, because the market always knows best.

It’s a bit like hearing a vindication of evrything I have been saying since the early nineties about the long term unviability of the world economic system; of the bankruptcy of our culture’s values; of the need of the artist to abandon futile cries of despair and help dream a new world order into being.

The consequences are likely to be so violent, and the suffering so intense.. I’m not sure I like being right.


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