Monday, August 04, 2008

4th August 2008

A struggle today. I am so close to the end of act one of EveryOne.
But I am stuck. Again.
I have to start at the beginning. Again.
What floored me this time is the moment where I had envisaged the stage direction:
"Enter Death".
But it seems he has nothing to say. Worse still, he is preventing everything else.
So I have cut him.
It's a desperate tactic: but if he is truly necessary he will demand to speak again.
But he has not.
Nor has anyone else.
I have to wait.
Just before it's time to leave, something shifts: and the lines start coming.
So I go feeling comforted.

I am going to see Bishop Gene Robinson speak at the Festival of Spirituality and Peace.
The Guardian tells me that the Archbishop of Canterbury blames liberals like him for the rify in the church.
He talks of how when young he desperately wanted to change himself; of how when consecrated he had to wear a bullet proof vest; of the hate that gets focused on him; of how ultimately all he wants is not to be "the gay bishop" but to learn to be "a decent bishop".

He came across as lovely human being; doing his best in an impossible situation.
I felt happy to have shared a space with him.

Then to dancing: a gentle, gorgeous class.

And then tomorrow the struggle resumes.
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