Saturday, August 02, 2008

2nd august

I remember happening to stumble across the end of a cop shopw a few months ago in which dear sergeant lewishad identified the murderer. I forget how many people she was supposed to have killed, a good many, and she was obviously especially deranged because she was now trying to murder Lewis by trapping him in the house she was about to set fire to. She was also planning to die in said conflagration: and when Lewis escaped at the last minute and managed to rescue her, she broke free and ran back into the blaze just before the credits.

To add the final touch to this portrayal of maniacal madness we learnt she was a transsexual woman (played, naturally enough, by an impossib;ly glamourous biological woman). Clearly in the eys of the programme makers that made her irredemiably demented and dangerous.

It was a classic case of mad tranny syndrome. Generally we're portrayed as ludicrous (if possibly lovable) grotesques or embodiments of evil; and I was thinking about all this in the context of the Chinese olympic authorities determination to prevent us cheating in the Olympic Games.

Women athletes of insufficiently feminine appearance will be hauled off to undergo a gender test to be performed by a scientific insititute whose work, in saner times, has actually been among those which demonstrate that it is impossible to define the borderline between masculine and feminine.

These oppressive tests to establish femininity do nothing but cause suffering; but they reflect some very deeply held demonising.

A man beat a transsexual death in the USA last week when he discovered that she had male genitalia. According to one press report circulating on the internet:

"He became angry and hit (victim) with his fist before grabbing a
fire extinguisher and hitting her in the head twice, according to the

(Killer) explained to police that he thought he "killed it,"
referring to (victim) but when she made gurgling noises and started to
sit up, he hit her with the extinguisher again."

Someone commented on this story:

"I don't believe in murder, but if I went on a date with what I
believed to be a women and then later found out it was a guy I would
beat the s*$t out of them.
Seriously how many guys do you know that if they had found out
that their girl was a guy, how many of them would have beat the crap
out of that person......
He/She/It.....let him to think that He/She/It was a woman....then
he felt the weenie....

Then he got really mad......Killing It was a bad idea..."

I keep trying to understand why we inspire such fear and rage.

A Christian commentator on the subject:

"We now live in an age where women are men and boys are frightened. If
you are a Christian tonight, then you have to help shape and formulate
in the wisest of ways, legal plans and practical protection for your
congregational futures and finances. More than that, somehow we need
to learn how to preach the gospel to people who have travelled the
transsexual road and try and imagine the shape and direction of a
journey of sanctification and spiritual recovery they will have to

Listen: - You shall not lie with a male as with a woman. It is an
abomination. ( Leviticus 18:22-23 NKJV.)

Pray:- Lord, we need wisdom. Lord, we need grace. Lord, we need
protection. Lord, we need men to be men and women to be women and strong
models for both. Have mercy upon us O God and assist us to walk with
great grace and great truth in these most complicated of matters. In
Jesus name, amen."

It is so tempting just to condemn this kind of stuff out of hand, or asume it's just garbage one picks up on the internet.

But I internalised these kind of values, too. If I could begin to understand it all better perhaps i could understand myself more.

And then perhaps find a stronger voice to express and celebrate who I am.



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