Sunday, July 06, 2008

6th July
I went to church today.
I don't go ofter, partly because the metropolitan community church meets at 6 on a sunday, which is when I often invite friends round for supper; but partly, too, because it evokes such memories.
They do a very beautiful, heartfelt service, that always welcomes everybody.
It always brings up in me memories of all those years of compulsory church every day in Clifton College, and the terrified lonely boy I was then.
I want to shut that boy out of my mind, because he still hurts so much: the service at mcc brings him back in from the cold and comforts him
But the comfort brings tears: all those tears that at the time I was too frightened and ashamed to shed.
Today, also, the woman who was leading the service retold the story of the last supper in her own words, most tenderly and feelingly.
And that made me want to rewrite that part of "The Gospel of Jesus, Queen of Heaven".
How beautiful to have so many sources of inspiration.
And the boy will come in.
He will come in from the cold.


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