Friday, June 20, 2008

Suddenly the sun has started to appear in this amazing town...
Yesterday I came to the end of the first draft of my play JESUS QUEEN OF HEAVEN.. and when I woke up this morning, everything had changed.
A whole pressure had left me.. there was no need to hold myself ready and at the disposal of the stream of ideas, thoughts, feelings and images that have been flowing through me the last few days.
I could take the memory stick along to a chop, get the document printed, and then relax.
So I did. I took a leisurely trip to the market, and simply relished the sight of the aubergines, the figs, the gigantic peppers, the courgettes with their flowers still attached to them..
and delight in unpacking them when I got back home...
and relish my coffee...
Then I set out to to walk through the city, book my museum tickets for next week, feeling often utterly overwhelmed by the wealth of impressions and the amazing beauty in front of my eyes.
Then I sat down at the place where i always have lunch, civil servant that I am.. and pressures began to build.
"No peace for the wicked" my father would say, mysteriously, when I was a child... I found myself starting to think about the far more intractable Lyceum play, and then wonder whether these words I had had printed out were in fact any good at all... In the end I had to take them out and start reading them.
It was like a switch kicking in.. the whole process began again, and I was writing in revisions that simply had to be there with an otherwise unanswerable urgency...
And then a whole chunk of dialogue slipped into my head at exactly the same time as the arrival of the main course.. nothing very profound, something about mother Mary doing the ironing when the angel came, and there was nothing for it, I simply had to write it down.
And so i did, while the chicken got cold...


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