Wednesday, June 18, 2008

18th June
I am writing a play in Florence.
I am staying in a converted palace near the central market, which at this moment matters more than all the amazing monuments that i am also near, and the words are flowing more sweetly and easily than they have flowed for years and years.
I hesitate to write this in case I put a jinx on the whole process...
I spent last week at an extraordinary congress of dancing in a seaside holiday village about an hour north of Venice...
There were over a thousand people there and on a couple of occasions I found myself translating in front of just about all of them.
Which was strange, given that it was only the third time I had done such a thing before, and for reasons I still don't altogether understand I must have been doing something special because everyone seemed to want to stop me and say how good a translator I am. In a way the point was not the translation but to be up there in front of all those people, very publicly a trans woman. this is a situation I would before have feared with the most amazing intensity... but which somehow seems to be connected with the success I made of it.
And it was lovely to be praised so much, and hugged and kissed so much... but somehow just now I feel very happy to be anonymous here in Florence where I must end now, because it also feels as if there is hardly time to do much more beyong write and eat and sleep...


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