Wednesday, April 23, 2008

23rd April 2008
I was walking down the hill last night after the dance clas when someone stopped me.
"Sorry" he said, and "Please" (he was very polite) "I saw you on television" You were speaking to a man in a bar. You're a writer and you work in the theatre".
And all I had to do, really, was confirm that to be true.
"I saw you on television in Mexico and then i see you here on the street corner".
And that was enough. After that he was gone.
He was a very good looking young man with a young blonde woman who I suppose he was trying to impress... It was strange.
I did a TV thing for a Spanish TV company who were producing a kind of 'Rough Guide' travel show and needed someone who could speak spanish to appear on their programme about Edinburgh. And exchange inanities with the presenter.
I felt embarrassed about it and a bit ashamed for taking part.
And I assumed they had ditched the item.
But obviously they hadn't... so-called 'primitive' people apparently believe that when you photograph someone you steal their soul. Being on TV seems to give other people certain rights over your identity.
Because in a real sense our conversation was meaningless...
There's a line in LIFE IS A DREAM when the Soldier says to Segismundo:
"Great events, my lord, always come with premonitions
and that’s what that was, if you dreamed it first."
Which came into my head as I was reflecting on this.
I wonder if it's true....
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