Sunday, March 30, 2008

30th March
On Friday i acted in a film.
I exaggerate: it was corporate video commissioned (as far as I could tell) by the record keeping section of the NHS.
Each scene portrayed a different section of a marginalised group having difficulty with the forms they had to fill in.
Mine was the last scene: my character was called Louise. She was a middle aged transsexual woman who, for reasons never quite specified, had trouble with her form - I think she was registering with a new GP - and a nice male receptionist helped her fill it in.
It was a tiny scene, I didn't have that many lines, and I was nervous in case I couldn't remember them.
the last time I was in a film I played a grumpy traditionalist dad (not quite my kind of part) and I couldn't remember any of the lines at all.
On this ocasion there were so few to forget them would have been humiliating.
The filming was in Glasgow; I picked up the Metro in the train and read in my horoscope:
“You’re so confident today that others feel confident about you too. Whether or not you can actually do the job, this is a wonderful day for bluffing your way towards a better career. Go for it!”
.. which was reassuring in a weird kind of way.
We filmed in a deserted oncology unit in the western general hospital in Glasgow.
A spooky kind of place. And I didn't forget my lines.
And it was such a relief just to have to deliver them. And remember my spot. And not be responsible for anything.
In fact just to have to deliver lines, even if I didn't like them much, but just to have to make the most of them, was such a refreshing change.
Good to be paid also. That's never happened before.

It all went so well; and I enjoyed it; and it is the first time I have got paid for acting in a film...


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