Saturday, March 22, 2008

22nd March 2008
I'm 58 today.
I suppose the best present I got, weoirdly, was a trip to Dublin yesterday.
It wasn't much of a present, in loads of ways. The flight there was delayed, so i didn't get to the centre of town till about 1.45, and then had a really ordinary lunch (food wise) because all the city's restaurants were closed (it being Good Friday) in an expensive bu really soulless kind of georgian style courtyard in a posh hotel.
And then got interviewed and had my photo taken.
Got back to the Rough Magic office at about 4.45; and then left to g to the airport about 5.30.
Flew home and got back about 9.30, after about 12 hours travelling...
So in fact, thinking about it, it was all pretty dull.
But what was exciting and rather wonderful about it was that it wasn't 'John' going, it was 'Jo'.
And I think for the first time being interviewed and photographed under my name.
And feeling fine about it all.
And that, actually, is something very special.


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