Friday, February 15, 2008

15th February
I'm just back from seeing my GREAT EXPECTATIONS, which prime productions [] are touring round Scotland.
I saw it at the brunton, in Musselburgh, which was almost full.
It was such a beautiful show.
The actors have been on a journey with it (literally, as well as metaphorically: this is the fifth venue they've played this week) and their performances have all deepened and gained in authority.
That's exactly what i want to happen.
And what was also amazing - and what really filled me with pride - is that the play is so obviously about now. So clearly about the world we live in.
And I wrote it twenty years ago.
I would have been working on it now.
And somehow without knowing it, it looks clear that in the way i selected the material from Dickens' so wonderful and so amazing book, I was using Dickens as a medium to write a play about the world we lived in then and are living in still.
In a way i simply could not have foreseen.
It made me very proud: proud of the Company, proud of the work I did.
And after such a hard day's struggle to write QUEEN ECHINACEA, it's the most amazing source of strength and support.


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