Monday, December 10, 2007

10th December
At last today I've finished the libretto of the opera I've been trying to write...
For a private patron.
Who didn't want anything like a contract...
An eccentric story, taken from MF Connolly's Fifiana (Glasgow 1869) about the foundinjg of the church of Abercrombie.
The gaps between the words have to be different, when people are singing them, and it's been hard to find the rhythm.
Read it through this afyernoon, in dread (it's very hard to read what I've written).. but I felt relieved.
And maybe it will free up enough disc space in my head to:
* draft the Lyceum play
* write the introduction to my translation of Blood Wedding
* finish the grant application for Leave to Remain
* start translatuing Yerma
* do the abstract for a talk I have to give at a seminar on being transgendered
* start the next part of God's New Frock
* Send the proposal in to Oran Mor
* get seriously re-involved in The Crossing

I made a resolution earlier this year never, but never to over-extend myself again.
How crap am I at resolutions....


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