Friday, October 26, 2007

26th October
Last night I went on a course called "Managing Change". It's at the LGBT health centre in Edinburgh; and the 'change' they're talking about is the change from male to female.
("Lost in Transit" might be another word for this process...)
But I do myself down.
As, I suppose, i did for most of the evening.
I was at electrolysis just before, and instead of going straight from there to the meeting - calling for a coffee and a something on the way - i decided to go home, because I wanted to change into a skirt.
Question for self: why not wear a skirt in the first place?Electrolysis started at 4; I was out about 5.10; by the time I got home it was 5.40; the meeting started at 6.30.
So by the time I'd put on some make-up - too fast - and brushed my hair, which, because I hadn't managed to wash it for the past few days, was an utter disaster area, the only way I could get to the Centre on Howe St and be there remotely on time was to go by bike.
Now for all that I imagine riding a bike in a skirt is the same as riding a bike in trousers - at least I expect the same processes are involved - but for some reason I've never actually dared to try it.
I have a vague fear of getting tangled up in it some how. Or something.
And I was late anyway - I couldn't find my deodorant - and then, to make it worse, I'd cycled half way down the road when I remembered I'd left my keys behind.
So I arrived late, sweaty, hair mussed up by my helmet...
Apprehensive and nervous...
Question to self: what exactly were you frightened of?


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