Tuesday, October 23, 2007

23rd October
I went to Buddhist meditation this lunctime, and the guided meditation was on health.
And so i was remembering that jyst over a year ago, a brave and skillful surgeon stopped my jeart.
Stopped my heart beating so he could repair a faulty valve inside my heart.
I still think that miraculous.
And because he did that I could cycle to the meditation, and see my friend and colleague Mark, and enjoy the sunsshine, and the plants and flowers that have been placed where the pulpit used to be...
And I think, too, that for centuries when we humans plotted to kill each other, it was always to stop the heart.
We evolved methods of fencing and stabbing that would enable us to slip the blade past the ribs, bullets and cannon shot and explosives that would smash the heart to pieces...
and in our last century, when we devised so many new and horrible large scale methods of human destruction, it occurred to someone that stopping the heart could be a means of healing it.
And that it could be started again, with no harm done.
And now many hundreds, thoisands of surgeons all over the world can do this, and have evolved methods of training to enable many more.
And in the midst of all the poverty and injustice and destructiveness... that must surely signify something.


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