Saturday, October 20, 2007

20th October 2007
I'm just back from Florence.
The Teatro della Limonaia did a production, in Italian, of my GOD'S NEW FROCK, as part of their Intercity festival, and I went out there to watch both performances.
GOD'S NEW FROCK is a show I wrote and performed, when? in 2002-3, because I felt I would never persuade anyone else to stage it.
It was intensely personal, intensely autobiographical, and dealt, among other things, with the time in my life when i was most ashamed and misearble. When i was first aware of being transgendered, and was so bewildered and ashamed I could speak to no-one about it.
But because I had performed it myself, I had never actually seen it: and one of the utterly astonishing things was to watch this story, my story, being performed by an amazing actor, and so being given value and worth.

Aessandro Baldinotti, who performed the show, was so astonishingly good: so intelligent and sensitive and beauitful.
And the ausience loved the show.
I have never known a show to get a round of applause in the middle, at a certain line.
And this happened several times.

It was a triumph. There is no other word for it.
And I feel that somehow that has transformed my life.
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