Monday, September 03, 2007

3rd September 2007
I spent most of yesterday cooking.
I love it: I love the planning of the menus, the buying of the ingredients, and their slow transformation into something delicious.
it's like a present I give to the people I love and cherish.
I made:
malfata gratinata (baked spinach and parmesan dumplings)
Sicilian aubergine salad
Carrots and apricots in the Persian style
avocado and rocket gazpacho
bananas baked in orange liqueur..
and they were all delicious.
But in the end, more of a pleasure to make.
Thinking about it this morning, this was yet another way i depended on Susie. She seemed to possess a range of social skills that I probably lack.
So I could relax about the food; and relax over whether or not our guests were having a good time.
But now I have to work at that; and by the end of last night I felt like a bit of a failure.
On the other hand, i just got a lovely warm email from one of the people whose welfare I was worrying about.
So i am probably being unjust to myself.


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