Friday, August 03, 2007

3rd August
I got an email today from the Intercity Festival in Italy.
Last year, they presented GOD'S NEW FROCK in Italian and they want to do it again this year.
I'm very proud, especially because they say it's so necessary a play as a protest against the reactionary and repressive church in their country.
They want a blurb.
This is what i wrote them, and I'm putting it here because I feel quite pleased with it and don't have the energy to write more:

"Long ago, when I was still a boy, when I first became aware of the strength of the feminine in me, I felt very lonely and ashamed.
I tried to repress the woman in me, and thought it was all just my problem.
And because I was also trying to be a good boy, I read my bible.
And I was always amazed at how angry and unhappy the old testament god was.
Poor thing. It’s a real shame.
When I began to read his history, I discovered it was the Mother people often used to worship. And that Jehovah became Jehovah in a fierce cultural effort to suppress the worship of the Mother.
And I understood: God was a closet queen too. Just like me.
And when I came out of the closet I came to understand that much of my suffering, my guilt and my shame, came from an entrenched cultural hatred and fear of the female that had its roots deep deep in the Old Testament.
And that it was still being used and abused and exploited by a repressive and reactionary Church.
And then I finally understood all this suffering wasn’t just my problem.
It was everybody’s problem.
And so I wrote this play."


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