Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thursday part 2.

What wasn't so easy -and maybe this was my father's ghost at work - were the kind of hierarchies that got established.

So at first, in an unthinking kind of way, I sort of became 'captain'.

And i got into a traditional male role of never having to do the cooking, say, or the washing up.

For a bit there was a real pleasure in this. But it didn't last long.

Towards the end, we went out of a meal: and i experienced the whole hateful thing of being called 'sir' n restaurants (and feeling a sham) and starting to envy some of the other women's outfits...

Next day, thinking I must try to put a stop to this, I took some care brushing my hair in the morning. (Looking glamourous on a narrow boat is not easy. But I thought: i could at least do something to my hair...)

And then I forgot about it. In the afternoon, we went to Cadbury's World in Bournville. I was walking around with Katie, and one of the attendants said "If you ladies would like to step this way..." and I felt allright again.

As it happens, it's not that I especially want to pass as a woman. But I HATE being mistaken for a man.

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