Friday, July 13, 2007

13th July 2007
We have spent the last two days editing the film of LEAVE TO REMAIN.

i have a monir obsession with the need for theatre to learn to come to gterms with media of mass communication... I am convinced it must be possible to create and use a good film language to communbicate what goes on the stage.

This means more than just sticking a video camera, or even two, on the back of the stalls and recording what goes on in a live performance.

So we hired the Netherbow for an extra day and a friend, Amy Hardie, who is also a documentary film maker, filmed us going through the show.

of course a day isn't really enough, and none of us were properly prepared, and the lighting was occasionally truly terrible (as we've seen over the last few days!).... but we still feel pretty proud of the result.

What an ordeal, though, to look at myself on a video for two days!

Watching I often thought: why not get a hair cut. Why not dress more like a man... What a shame you come accross as such a tranny.. doesn't that get in the way of communicating what the show is about (which is nothing about being a tranny at all). And... if you were a man, what an easier and generally enviable life you would have just now.

But there is nothing to be done...

I can onlykeep trying to be open and proud of the person i actually am.

dear diary, I am about to go to New York. I will try to keep you posted...


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